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              Democrat, California's 49th Congressional District   


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  One of the most important things a campaign can have is an office.  An office provides a home for a campaign

  and for the workers on the campaign.  Office equipment, computers, printers, copiers, telephones, files,

  stationery, and other materials are the furniture of an office.  Besides, an office provides a place for

  campaign workers and volunteers to perform campaign related activities without the interruptions associated

  with doing campaign work at home.

  An office will cost approximately $1,500 a month, including rent and Utilities.  The campaign needs an office

  starting the first of May through the end of November, seven months.  Your monthly contribution of as little

  as $5 will help us obtain an office and keep it for this period.  You can contribute monthly through ActBlue;

  please click on the ActBlue button below.

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  We need a constant supply of new volunteers to ensure that all tasks associated with a winning campaign are

   performed.  We need help doing media and voter communication, web design and programming, research,

   precinct walking, and voter registration.  Send an email to me at and provide

   your name, telephone number, and an appropriate time to contact you.


    Non-Monetary Contribution - Print or save the form.

         Monetary Contribution - Print or save the form.

     PayPal - The world’s most-loved way to pay and get paid.   


   My campaign is relying upon you to be successful.  Your contributions will enable me to reach out to the

   constituents of California's 49th Congressional District and establish a Democratic presence.  With your

   help, I will be able to communicate the progressive position on issues to the voters of this district.  It is a

   significant uphill undertaking, since my opponent, Darrell Issa, the incumbent Congressman in the district,

   has been the incumbent for five terms, has considerable name recognition, and has significant funds to mount

   a very active campaign.

   You can make a monetary or a non-monetary contribution to my campaign.  A monetary contribution would

   be sending money either as a check, having the money transferred directly from your checking account, or

   using a debit or credit card.  A non-monetary contribution would be the expense of holding a fund raising

   event, such as a coffee at your home, providing flyers, printed material or some other form of supplies, or

   providing a service.

   To make a non-monetary contribution, please left click your mouse on the words Non-Monetary

   Contribution, print the Non-Monetary Contribution form, complete it, and mail it to the address on the


   To make a monetary contribution, please left click your mouse on the words Monetary Contribution,

   PayPal, or ActBlue.  To make a direct monetary contribution, please left click your mouse on the words

   Monetary Contribution, print the Monetary Contribution form, complete it, and mail it to the address on

   the form.  To contribute with either PayPal, or ActBlue, please left click your mouse on one of them and

   follow the prompts presented on their websites.  If you use PayPal, you can have the contribution

   transferred to my campaign directly from your checking account or use a debit or a credit card.  If you use

   ActBlue, you can use a debit or a credit card.

   Thank you in advance for your contribution to my campaign.  Please note that contributions to my

   congressional campaign are not tax deductible for Federal Income Tax purposes.


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