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    Please select a topic from the following list to view detailed information about it.  The date in front of a topic

    name  is the date that topic's information was last updated.  If a topic does not have a date prefix, the topic

    information is only initial thoughts and has not been finalized.  If an asterisk (*) appears between a date and

    a topic name, the topic information contains pictures associated with it.

      12/14/2009 * Afghanistan - Opium

     12/14/2009 * Afghanistan - War

     12/10/2009    Balance of Trade

     12/10/2009    Diplomacy

     12/10/2009    Education - No Child Left Behind

     12/11/2009    Education - School Choice

     12/11/2009    Government Services

     12/24/2009    Health Care Reform

     04/30/2010 * Immigration

     12/31/2009 * Iraq War

     12/12/2009 * Liberty Quarry

     12/24/2009    Lobbying

     12/11/2009    Mortgage Crisis

     12/14/2009 * Nuclear Proliferation

     12/20/2009 * Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries

     12/20/2009 * Price of Petroleum

     12/12/2009    Reproductive Rights

     12/13/2009    Same-Sex Marriage

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