Howard Katz Candidate for Congress

              Democrat, California's 49th Congressional District 


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   I am Howard Katz, your Democratic candidate for California's

   49th Congressional District, which serves Southwestern Riverside

   County and Northwestern San Diego County.  I offer a

   Democratic alternative to the politics as usual that Darrell Issa

   currently provides.  If you are tired of Republican politicians

   following their party’s platform and ignoring the people they

   represent, then it’s time to change California's 49th

   Congressional District Representative.  Your vote will decide

   whether we have a fresh, new, progressive Democratic voice, or

   whether we retain the Republican policies of the past.

   I announced my candidacy as a Democrat for the California 49th

    Congressional district on November 7, 2009.  I have been an active Democrat in Riverside

    County for many years and a member of the Democratic Club of Southwest Riverside

    County (DCSRC).  I was president of the DCSRC in 2007 and 2008, during the exciting

    election of Barack Obama.  I am also a member of the Riverside County Democratic

    Central Committee.

    I am a Democrat because I believe that Democrats embrace the "We" approach to life,

    that is, all Americans should benefit from our policies as opposed to the "Me" approach

    where only a small group does.  Also, Democrats believe that the role of government is to

    provide for the common good while allowing each individual to reach his full potential.

    As a Democrat, I further believe that a strong base of government services provides the

    basis for civilized living, including but not limited to providing health and social services,

    support for the elderly, disabled, and unemployed, vehicle and drivers' licensing, postal

    service, professional licensing, health insurance, building and maintenance of common

    infrastructure, maintenance of parks and wilderness areas, a fair and effective court

    system, law enforcement, fire protection, military, public schools, public transportation,

    and strict and effective enforcement of health, safety, and building standards and financial



    I frequently send a newsletter by email to a subscription list.  You can subscribe to the

    newsletter by sending an email to me at  Be sure to include

    in the email: 1) your first and last name; 2) the email address to which you want the

    newsletters sent; and 3) whether you want to receive previously sent newsletters.


    Volunteers perform tasks that ensure a winning campaign.  Volunteers can help with media

    and voter communication, web design and programming, research, precinct walking, and

    voter registration.  Send an email to me at to volunteer for

    my campaign.

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